Why R&G Brenner Can Lower your Tax Expenses in 2012?

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In contrast with the many tax preparation services that show up during tax season, R&G Brenner is a full time operation, with consultants that work around the year preparing tax statements and providing valuable tax advice to clients. With some of the more famous national companies, the person completing your taxes may be fresh out of training, learning only the minimum of how to work a specific computer program to calculate taxes. At R&G Brenner, all consultants have at least two years of experience in the field and know much more than what can be learned in a quick and basic training course. To add to the expertise of R&G Brenner consultants, a senior tax consultant will also be involved in the preparation of your return.

To show how they are better than competition, R&G Brenner offers a check of your taxes for the past three years. Although many people are not aware, you can amend tax returns and the company uses this little known rule to find errors in previous returns that will return more money to their customers. The three year review is provided free of charge with any tax preparation service and can turn into a large windfall for people that previously did their own taxes or used inferior preparation services.

The way that R&G Brenner is able to lower your tax expenses is twofold. Firstly, the basic cost of the tax preparation services is lower than competitors, meaning that your out of pocket expense will be lower. In addition, the dedication with which the team examines each and every return will find possibly hidden deductions where other services may just rush through this process. By having a personal interview to fully understand a customer’s tax position, the consultants are able to gain a deeper insight into which deductions may be relevant.

One of the biggest testaments to the success of the R&G Brenner company is their history in the business and the repeat business they often get from loyal customers. Since the year of 1941, R&G Brenner has been active in the state of New York and has expanded their operations to be available for anyone that needs to file a tax return in the United States. Their teleconferencing appointments make it possible to use the latest computing technology to complete a tax return within the comfort of your own home while still keeping a personal feel to the experience. The company was one of the first to offer this service and have been an industry leader in bringing personal tax preparation to customers from all over the country.

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