What Income Bracket is the Highest for Taxes?

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Everybody wants to pay as few taxes as they can; that’s just a fact of life. As a result, people are often curious to know who pays the highest taxes, usually in a quest to try and avoid being one of those people. Most think that the amount of taxes you will be forced to pay is based … more

Can Self-Employed People Get Lower or Higher Tax Rates?

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It can often seem like the self-employed person has to pay higher tax rates than the traditional employee. While every person and every situation will be different, the self-employed can find ways to save money on their taxes. One of the very best things you can do for yourself, as a self-employed person, is to seek out a skilled accountant … more

What Common Mistakes are Made on Tax Forms?

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Tax forms typically feature lots of lines and spaces, all just waiting for you to leave your mark and to fill them with facts and figures. With so many things expected of you coupled with the fact that most taxpayers are in a rush to get their forms in under the deadline, it’s all too easy to make … more

Tips to Avoid Overpaying Taxes

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Most of us don’t have a lot of money to throw around and, in this economy, need to save every penny possible. This is why it can be so disheartening to find out that you’ve been overpaying on your taxes. The good news is that, even if you’ve made the mistake of overpaying in the past, you don’t have to … more

When is the Last Date Allowable for an IRA for this Year’s Taxes?

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When it comes to filing your taxes successfully, it’s all about meeting deadlines. Yes, you do have to work hard to ensure that all of your tax forms are filled out correctly and accurately. Even if you have the most meticulous tax forms around, however, it still won’t matter if you get those forms in past the April … more

Why Should Self-Employed People File Quarterly Taxes?

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Many self-employed individuals feel that it is a wise choice to file their taxes on a quarterly basis. Some feel that doing so helps them to stay more organized and to keep better track of deductions, earnings, and other related figures. No matter how you feel about quarterly taxes, you should know that, in some cases, you may … more

What is the Estimated Wait Time to Receive Your Tax Refund?

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Nothing feels better than finding out that, instead of being forced to pay taxes, you qualify for a tax refund. If you’re like most people, you probably immediately start making big plans for what you’re going to do with that refund check. The thing is, however, that it can take a while for the money to actually arrive, … more

Do People with Disabilities or Handicaps Get Special Tax Deductions?

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If you suffer from a disability or a handicap, you should be aware that you may be qualified to certain money-saving tax breaks. Many individuals with such conditions are unaware of the special deductions for which they can qualify and, thus, end up missing out. If you have a handicap or a disability, take the time to research … more

What Forms are Required for a Self-Employed Person to File Taxes?

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There are many wonderful benefits to being self-employed. You get to work when and where you choose. You can set your own pay rate, deadlines, and more. One downside to being self-employed, however, is that you’re on your own when it comes to paying taxes. While others are provided necessary forms by their employers, it’s up to you … more

Tips for Preparing for Tax Season

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Ready or not, tax season is here, and the sooner you file your taxes, the better! Whether you’re doing the job yourself or going to a preparer, know that you can’t receive your refund or get those payments out of the way until the filing has been done and done correctly. Before you can file, however, you’ll need … more