The Benefits Of Early Tax Peparation

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Dreading that April 15th tax deadline? Well then, why not file your taxes early and put all that dread to rest! There are a number of benefits to filing your taxes early and we’ll discuss them here so that you can be informed and prepared before the deadline rolls around.

Probably the most likely benefit that most people see in filing their tax returns early is the fact that you’ll get your refund faster. The sooner you file your taxes, the quicker the government will send your overpaid taxes back to you in the form of that glorious refund check (or direct deposit, if you’re so inclined). Most people will get a refund within two weeks of filing when filing before the April 15 deadline. On the flip side of that, if you owe taxes this year, paying them as early as possible can relieve the stress of knowing you owe the government money. Nobody likes to owe the government money, so file as early as possible to avoid that dreadful feeling.

Another good reason to file early is to avoid the mad rush of last minute, beat down the door, got to be first in line at the tax preparer’s office to get the biggest refund, madness. We’ve all been there, done that and it’s not a pretty sight. Filing your taxes isn’t supposed to be (very) painful, so filing at the earliest opportunity makes for a less stressful preparation experience and will still get you the same refund you’re entitled to. Avoid crowd thinking and file your taxes as early as possible. Your tax preparer will thank you!

If you choose to file your taxes online using any of the available softwares or companies, it’s still a good idea to file as early as possible in the event that there are unknown software glitches or system crashes or the like. Filing early and experiencing something like that will still give you time to complete a paper return instead and thereby avoid any late fees or penalty fees that may be accrued in association with a late return. Also, if you make a mistake when filing an online tax return and you filed early, chances are you’ll be able to correct that mistake and avoid any long term hassles. That rule applies to paper returns as well, so file early just in case.

Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be hard. If you know that your return is going to be a difficult one, do your tax preparer a favor and go in as early as possible to file your return. You’ll be avoiding the crowds and long lines as well as saving yourself and your tax preparer a lot of time and you, probably, a lot of money.

In general, filing early is just good practice. The earlier you meet your tax debt or get your refund, the better the system runs. The better the system runs, the better the country runs which is good for all of us!

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